Can desiccant be used for book storage?

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Can desiccant be used for book storage?

Can desiccant be used for book storage?

Desiccant can be used for moisture-proof books. As we all know, desiccants can only play a moisture-proof role in a sealed environment. Therefore, to ensure the effect, desiccants can be used for books to prevent moisture, but the premise is that books must be sealed and packaged. If it is open storage, it is not suitable to use desiccant to prevent moisture, and if it is a bookcase with a large space, it is not suitable to use desiccant to prevent moisture.

Of course, for the moisture-proof products of bookcases, we also have such products, that is, products such as dehumidifier bags/dehumidifier box, which are designed for moisture-proof spaces such as wardrobes and bookcases. These products are recommended for use in bookcases.

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Silica gel desiccant is generally used to prevent moisture in book packaging. Silica gel desiccant is a physical adsorption desiccant. At the same time, silica gel is the only desiccant material approved by the FDA that can be directly contacted with food and drugs. Compared with other desiccants, silica gel desiccant is relatively safe to use in moisture-proof food.

In addition to the above factors, silica gel desiccant also has strong hygroscopic ability and strong adsorption performance. If all silica gel desiccant is soaked in water, it will not melt. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and non-polluting, and will not be absorbed by the human body even if eaten by mistake.