Cases of using desiccant in machinery and equipment

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Cases of using desiccant in machinery and equipment

Cases of using desiccant in machinery and equipment

The storage, packaging, and transportation environment and space of electronic products such as machines must be dry. If dampness will affect its use effect, and severely cause damage to internal components, what desiccant is used for the machine? It is learned.

What kinds of desiccants are used in machinery and equipment

The professional moisture-proof box of the machine is too expensive, takes up space, and needs to be plugged into the power source all the time. For businesses with limited space, there is no need for such a luxurious big guy. How can the machine be moisture-proof? Dingxing recommends color-changing silica gel desiccant, which is economical and practical, and is a very good choice!


Color-changing silicone with sealed packaging, perfect partner! As long as we add the color-changing silica gel desiccant when leaving the factory packaging, it can have a good moisture-proof effect, and the moisture absorption effect can be judged by the color of the color-changing beads. Very intuitive and convenient, it is convenient to replace the new desiccant according to the moisture absorption and saturation effect, and keep the packaging environment dry all the time.


Color-changing silica gel can be divided into two categories:


  1. It is blue color-changing silica gel


  1. It is a cobalt-free orange discoloration silica gel


The difference between the two is: the blue color-changing silica gel contains cobalt chloride, which is a category two carcinogen, and the cobalt-free color-changing silica gel is more environmentally friendly. At present, more and more machine merchants have chosen to replace the blue color-changing silica gel with the cobalt-free color-changing silica gel from the past, because the price is not expensive, but the safety is guaranteed.


The desiccant used by the machine still has corresponding standards. Different sizes and sizes of machines should choose the desiccant of the corresponding gram weight. Therefore, do not use desiccant blindly, but use the desiccant suitable for the machine. You can learn more about desiccant.