Packaging carton moisture-proof experiment - calcium chloride desiccant

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Packaging carton moisture-proof experiment – calcium chloride desiccant

Packaging carton moisture-proof experiment – calcium chloride desiccant

Time: 2018.1.2

Location: Sisobo Meeting Room

Character: Customer, Li Shiwei

Product: A high-end packaging box (pictured)

Problem Description:

1.The customer has a batch of goods that need to be sent abroad every month. The water content of the package is required to be ≤10%, but their water content has reached 15%, which is seriously exceeding the standard.
2.A customer found us a month ago, when we recommended calcium chloride desiccant according to the customer’s situation, but they did not use calcium chloride desiccant because of cost, they chose to use silica gel desiccant;
3.A month later, the customer reported that the water content of the recent shipments to foreign countries is still between 12% and 15%, and their foreign customers asked them to solve the problem immediately;
4.They also tried a variety of methods: getting the oven to try to dry, the dryer to try to dry, and getting the sun under the sun did not solve the carton water content problem;
5.From the production of carton to the time of sending abroad for only about 3 days, the water content is required to be less than 10% within 3 days;

problem analysis:

1.After our preliminary analysis, we found that in the process of making the package, glue will be used for bonding, resulting in high water content in the carton;
2.Due to the weather, the evaporation of water is slower, even if it is dried by high temperature, the temperature difference will be larger, and the water vapor content will be increased.
3.Ordinary desiccant (silica gel, minerals, etc.) has a low moisture absorption rate and a slow moisture absorption rate. Considering the time factor, it is recommended to use calcium chloride high-efficiency moisture absorption desiccant, which has the characteristics of fast moisture absorption, and the moisture absorption rate is more common. 10 times the desiccant;

The experiment passed:

1.Put calcium chloride desiccant (5g) in the box (pictured)

The value of the moisture meter before the calcium chloride desiccant is not placed (pictured)

Test the value again with the tester after 3 days (as shown)

Experimental results:

Calcium chloride desiccant can effectively help customers solve the problem of water content in the packaging carton within 3 days, and the water content is reduced from 15% to less than 10% within 3 days.