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Shenzhen Absorb King Desiccant Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with our factory in Shenzhen, China. Our company is a professional desiccant supplier. We protect cargoes from humidity, moisture and water condensing. Our factory produces 1 million units of desiccants a year and sells them to customers worldwide.We have two major lines of products now, including:Dry poles and Dry sac 200-1400gr to protect your cargo inside sea containersDry sac 1-100gr to absorb humidity in cartons or boxes These desiccants are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and no DMF, and have passed European REACH test. Our products can absorb 200% of their own weight and are efficient for 60 days. The absorbed water turns into gel, so there is no risk to damage the cargo.If you want to receive more information or samples, please feel free to contact us.Thank you for your attention to the above information. We look forward to establishing business relationships with you very soon.

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