Don't throw away the used desiccant, there are more uses

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It’s a pity to throw away the desiccant when it runs out, there are more uses

It’s a pity to throw away the desiccant when it runs out, there are more uses

When we buy things that need to be kept dry, whether for food or for use, we often find some small bags in the packaging of these things. These bags contain desiccant. These desiccants can absorb moisture in the air and keep the inside of the package dry. The things we buy can be preserved very well, because these desiccants are in it. However, after the packaging is unpacked, people generally don’t leave these desiccants and throw them directly into the trash can. This has become the most common method for everyone. This is because people think that they don’t need these things, but in fact, they didn’t develop them. There are many places in the home that need to be kept dry, and these things can all be used.

More uses of desiccant

We usually wear shoes, there will be some sweat left in them, and the shape of these shoes makes it difficult to ventilate the inside of the shoes. In this case, our shoes are prone to odor. To ensure that our shoes are clean and odor-free, in addition to timely cleaning, it is also important to ensure that the inside of the shoes is dry. We put this kind of desiccant inside the shoes to absorb the moisture and sweat inside.

What else can the desiccant be used for

In our closet, there is no sunshine all year round. If this is the case, some moisture will easily accumulate in it. Especially in the south, there is a rainy season every year, which is very humid. With such an environment, it is very unfavorable for our clothes. It is not only easy to make our clothes smelly and damp to the touch, but also when the situation is serious, there may be moldy conditions. Put these desiccants in the closet and absorb the moisture inside to avoid this situation. In this way, our clothes can be preserved very well.

More uses for desiccant

Everyone knows that iron objects are very easy to rust if they are in a humid environment. With such a desiccant, we can preserve these iron things. But if you want to do this, you need to put the things you want to keep together with the desiccant, put it in a plastic bag, and tie it up for storage. In this way, it can be preserved very well.


There are different types of desiccants, some are quicklime and some are silica gel. If it is a material such as silica gel, it can be used to dry and dehumidify food such as rice, which is relatively safe. If it is quicklime, if the packaging bag breaks, it may get on our food and it will be unsafe to eat. Silica gel desiccants are generally small balls, which are easy to pick out even if the packaging is broken.