Color Changing Orange and Blue Silica Gel High Adsorption Desiccant

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Color Changing Orange and Blue Silica Gel High Adsorption Desiccant

  • Product name:Orange and blue silica gel granules
  • Size:SG1-1000g
  • Package:Transparent film,aliwa paper,etc
  • Certification:REACH,RoHs,DMF free
  • Brand Name:Absorb King
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Silica gel types

Silica gel desiccant is divided into three types according to color. Ordinary colorless transparent silicone. Color-changing silica gel with moisture-indicating effect – orange silica gel desiccant and blue silica gel desiccant.Color indicating orange silica gel desiccant bags feature a stable chemical property and never reacts with any substance except the alkali and hydrochloride acid. Because of chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel, it possesses many advantages as desiccant.For example, high absorption capacity and non-shape changing. It is a non-toxic, odorless and green-environmental material. when the blue silica gel absorb moisture,its color will turn into pink,which shows that the silica gel is working.So the blue silica gel is always mixed use with the general silica gel.

Silica gel desiccant types

1.Ordinary silica gel

Silica Gels are used for absorbing moisture to keep proper humidity in a sealed environment to protect cargo from mold, silica gel desiccant is widely used in the storage of garments, bags, food, medicine, toys, woodwork, instruments, meters, electrical appliances and computers, etc , silica gel is a high activity absorbent, this kind of desiccant has a stable chemical property, with high capacity, good thermal stability, high mechanical strength, non toxic, odorless and environment friendly products.

2.Blue Silica Gel desiccant

After absorbing moisture, it turns form blue to red, visually indicating the relative humidity of the given environment. When being used with ordinary silica or drier, it indicates to what extent the drier absorbs the moisture. It is widely used as silica gel drier for the packing of precision instruments, leathers, shoes, foodstuff, medicines, household electric appliances, gauges and equipment.

Blue Silica Gel desiccant
3.Orange Silica Gel desiccant

Orange silica gel is a safe and environmental friendly desiccant. It performs all the functions of blue silica gel ane it doesn’t contain cobalt chloride and is therefore innocuous and pollution-free.

Orange Silica Gel desiccant

Company overview:

Shenzhen Absorb King Desiccant Co.,Ltd was established in 2007.We specialized in manufacturing all kinds of desiccant.Our products can help to solve the rust,mildew and moisture problem during the sea shipment .Our products is eco-friendly approved by SGS,DMF free,Reach,RoHs report

Shenzhen Absorb King Desiccant

Our main products:

1.Desiccant:silica gel bags,calcium chloride desiccant,clay desiccant,2kg container desiccant

2.Oxygen absorber,ethylene absorber used for food preservation

3.Humidity indicator(moisture indicator cards)

4.Household interior dehumidifier,hanging wardrobe dehumidifier bags

Shenzhen Absorb King Desiccant type

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Product Name:Color Changing Orange and Blue Silica Gel High Adsorption Desiccant

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