Superior Desiccant supplier silica gel desiccant drying agent in OPP bag

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Superior Desiccant supplier silica gel desiccant drying agent in OPP bag

  • absorb king desiccant
  • silica gel 5G in opp bag
  • Silica Gel Beads
  • moisture absorber
  • 40%
  • REACH,dmf free, rohs
  • 99.8%
  • Details

Do your products suffer from the following problems like:rust, mildew, dampness, etc? Like leather bags,shoes are moldy, cabinets rot, electronics product rust and so on.

Desiccant can be widely used in Electronic Components, Aerospace,Instruments,Equipment,Computers,Automobiles parts, Food, Medical,Garments,Shoes, etc.

Why choose Absorbking?We have 15 Years Experience for desiccant ,we are gold supplier in China! and also we are the first manufacturer of calcium chloride desiccant in China.Absorb King ‘s market has covered Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.Absorb king is a true sense of the international brand
Shenzhen Absorb king Desiccant Co., Ltd was established in 2007, located in Shenzhen,China. We have our own factory in Shenzhen and Jiang men. Our main products are: silica gel desiccant, clay desiccant, calcium chloride desiccant, container desiccant,oxygen absorbers, humidity indicator card,anti-mold sticker and so on.Our goal is to solve the moisture problems in shipping and storage in various industries. At present,we can making from 1-2000 g, which meet the various application needs of customers.In addition, OEM and ODM services available.
Absorb king has more than 100 modern granular packaging machines, powder packaging machines, pillow packaging machines,ultrasonic machines, tablet presses, letter press printing machines, gravure printing machines, etc., with sufficient production capacity, high production efficiency and excellent production technology.
desiccant can be widely used Silica gel desiccant gyroscopic curve

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Product Name:Superior Desiccant supplier silica gel desiccant drying agent in OPP bag

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